Now In Retirement

Hi there - thanks for your interest in MemeCounter.

Sadly this system is now in retirement for a number of reasons but mainly because it was superseded by better funded competition from the likes of Google, Flurry and Adobe. In addition we recently realised that it's no-longer cool to have a capital letter at the start of a concatenated name - had it been memeCounter instead of MemeCounter, it might still be here - still, that's life I guess.

In its time though it achieved a great many things for example:

1) It was a profitable dot com - still a fairly rare thing.

2) When it launched it was way ahead of its time in terms of features and sophistication.

3) Due to the amazing engineering work done by the team at Kempt, our hosts and our database-expert friends - in just 2 cheap pentium-based servers it managed to monitor upwards of 100,000 concurrent users and had a theoretical capacity of several times that.

4) During its lifetime it was used by many of the world's largest brands including Pepsi, Red Bull, Lego and even as the standard game tracking system for the BBC.

Although the system itself is now retired there is still a great-deal of tracking data being received by the associated domains/servers and - since the system effectively allows us to insert new code into other people's games we have decided that the only responsible thing to do is to hold on to the domains for the foreseeable future. If however you happened to be interested in purchasing the domains and taking responsibility for this then please do get in contact with the team at Kempt who will be more than happy to give you a ridiculous price :o)

Thanks for all your support over the years.

Love - Team MemeCounter